About Us

Atlanta Bible Fellowship (ABF) was founded by Bo & Stanley Reahard in 1986. ABF started as a Christian home fellowship church which met weekly from 1986 until Bo & Stanley moved to Tampa, FL in 1998. During that time one of the topics that the church studied was Biblical Asronomy. The church invited noted Biblical scholar, Bob Wadsworth, to come to Atlanta to teach on the "star in the east" which signalled the birth of Christ. The teaching was done at a planatarium where the sky was turned back to the birth of Christ on September 11, 3 BC. ABF has sponsored and supported the web site www.biblicalastronomy.com which is authored by Bob Wadsworth.

Today, ABF remains a Georgia non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading the good news about the kingdom of God. ABF supports a small church and school in Manila, Philippines as well as the charitable work done in conjunction with other churches and ministries around the country.

ABF is a major contributor and supporter for the Christological Astronomy work being conducted today by Liberating Ministries for Christ International (LMCI).

The technology for this site has been put together by Bo Reahard and Patrick Gleason. Bo and Pat have been technology partners on numerous projects going back to the early 1970's. Bo's professional carreer has been in the area of technology since 1970. He spent 12 years as a data processing manager, ran his own network integration company in Atlanta for 14 years and since 2000 has owned and operated his own consulting and web hosting company.

Patrick Gleason has had a distinguished career in computer technology and still writes programs in assembly language today. The program which Pat has written for this site is called "Planets". It is designed to take a date, time and location and then using the methods described elsewhere on this site, it produces the information on the exact location of various celestial boides on that date and time.